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TitleIDSizePhoto Date
Joey and Christina at His Prom1183672000-04-22
Nicole and Lauren at the Parade of Lights2224361999-12-15
Paul and Annie at Wedding Rehearsal3179831994-08-01
Slinky with bow4371651998-12-01
At the Zoo in Denver51493941998-04-01
Dad - Promotion Publicity Photo6367321997-09-01
Brigitte and Nicole8570500000-00-00
Peter's Westphalia Van9360010000-00-00
Home Grown Carrots - Pauly and Juliana101341861999-09-01
Is that for me? - Juliana at Christmas11549081999-12-25
John's Christmas Fish12568221999-12-25
Surfer Joe13923451991-02-01
1997 Christmas Photo14209651997-11-01
1998 Christmas Photo15328351998-11-01
Nicole in Irish Dance Dress16445011997-11-01
Joey in Scout Uniform17500531997-11-01
Lauren - our swimmer18264741997-11-01
1999 Christmas Photo19608901999-11-01
Brigitte on couch in her parents' basement20287211975-08-01
Joe and Brigitte at Joe's Senior Prom21645761974-06-01
Joey and Grandma Julia near tree22498970000-00-00
Nikki and Grandma Julia at the beach23405970000-00-00
Jennifer Christmas 199924209011999-11-01
Atkins Family Christmas25799040000-00-00
Christian Wells Xmas 199926268981999-12-01
Larry & Rachel Tomaskovic Xmas 199927319071999-12-01
Ortens Christmas 199928440851999-12-01
Paul and Juliana Sottnik Xmas 199729157321997-12-01
John sitting in an old tracked wrecker at Ft. Dix,311524460000-00-00
John with Fish 199932725731999-07-01
John with Fish 199833496041998-07-01
Coley in Dalmation Outfit34229431988-07-01
Juliana at Birth35672521998-06-01
Joe Birthday at the office36145811997-04-23
Brigitte & Joe with Wedding Cake37943791980-08-02
Brigitte Wedding - Getting Ready381023751980-08-02
Grandma & Grandpa Bouchereau with Camper39684391998-04-01
Nicole Playing Golf411631210000-00-00
Lauren the Skier42419060000-00-00
Julia Sottnik in the Kitchen at Christmas43380631971-12-24
Christmas 197144433521971-12-24
Joe, Paul & John Xmas 197145314731971-12-26
Paul Catching Football46157501971-12-26
Alice at Aunt Dorothy's House4789431971-12-25
Nicole Portrait48186051999-11-01
Chris & Jenna Valko Xmas 199949169741999-12-01
Domi and Dogs51168861979-07-01
Joey Skiing52207740000-00-00
Mom & Dad 25th Anniversary53301921982-06-29
Nicole & Jen at the Zoo54597660000-00-00
Peter Graduates from Boot Camp55512771981-10-01
Peter & Brigitte (Boot Camp Grad)56490591981-10-01
Peter & Mom (Boot Camp Grad)57328201981-10-01
Brigitte & Joe, Brigitte's Prom58477761976-06-01
Scout Show59542020000-00-00
Lauren and Radar60508572000-05-28
Nicole and Slinky on Lounge Chair61417852000-05-28
Coloring Easter Eggs62657380000-00-00
Joe on Honeymoon63253671980-08-05
Joey playing softball at company picnic64500831999-08-01
Joey and Great Grandma65886051984-06-01
Christmas Picture 199466446851994-12-17
Kids and Dogs Christmas 1996?67640250000-00-00
Lauren in Cast, Breckenridge68865051999-08-01
Michel Bouchereau69174481994-12-01
Nicole's Christening 170410221985-12-27
Nicole Christening, 271524581985-12-27
Nicole at Montauk Point721048040000-00-00
Paul and young Joey73680890000-00-00
Pauly - Bad Hair Day74634570000-00-00
Pepper the Rabbit75394680000-00-00
Tee Ball Team Photo 199476812841994-07-01
Joey's Bug77336772000-05-29
Nikki, Rachel & Shari - 8th Grade Awards Night78292252000-05-31
Anne Marie, Antonine and Ginette81367521998-07-01
Bouchereau Family82317300000-00-00
Those Crazy Bouchereau Women83249971998-07-01
Michelle's Wedding, Dave & Michelle Rodriguez84196941998-07-01
Sottnik & Bouchereau Families85470190000-00-00
Serge & Anne Marie86308720000-00-00
Sottnik Grandkids87550741998-08-01
High Fying Joey88290081998-07-01
Nicole & Lauren Confirmation89285051998-04-01
Nicole & Lauren Confirmation, 290342031998-04-01
Ray Bouchereau's Airplane91233221998-07-01
John Oss92435152000-06-01
John Konen93275382000-06-01
Lauren Sottnik & Sarah Mitchell94142352000-06-02
Andy and Margie Tomaskovic (Anniversary?)95261550000-00-00
Baby Joey96194831983-08-11
Baby Paul97193081960-04-01
Sottnik Family at Christmas98275731977-01-01
Monika, Kristen and Danielle99338420000-00-00
Peter Graduating from High School100198181981-06-01
Ray & Dot Farrel101184731982-07-01
Joey Skiing102398832000-03-01
Joey with Bear103260341985-05-01
Lauren Sottnik & Cait O'Connor Shobe104430282000-05-29
Lauren Skiing105492032000-03-01
Lilly O'Connor Shobe106438972000-05-29
McTeggart Irish Dancers at Pearl Street Mall (Boul107590342000-05-29
Mom at Peter's Graduation108291430000-00-00
Nicole Sottnik - Irish Dancer109376422000-05-01
Queen Sinead O'Connor Shobe110259012000-06-01
Nikki, Rachel, and Amanda in Baltimore.1115511722000-04-29
Nikki, and Ms. Hall at feis.1122122962000-02-13
Nikki with Mickey & Minnie113376821988-08-01
Michel & Thomas Bouchereau114466421998-12-01
Paulie, Kindergarten Photo115258651998-10-01
Christian, Regina and Dave Wells, Christmas 1998116312781998-12-01
Uncle Andy and John Playing Pool117469540000-00-00
Doreen, Monika and Danielle118408410000-00-00
Ellen, Alice and Aunt Margie119485680000-00-00
Larry Tomaskovic120514450000-00-00
Larry Tomaskovic, again121408290000-00-00
Doreen and Monika123323750000-00-00
Peter with Beer Bottle124454910000-00-00
Fisherman John125316790000-00-00
Tom Tomaskovic126380970000-00-00
Uncle Andy127369710000-00-00
Joe with Fish, Canada128543911976-06-01
Uncle Otto, Aunt Tessie and Bobby129400750000-00-00
Utah Feis 2000, the Trip Home130409992000-06-25
Utah Feis 2000, the Ditzy Chics131561752000-06-25
Lauren with Sunglasses132302072000-06-23
Debbie Dry133160482000-06-30
Gary Ferentchak134303812000-06-30
Kathy Jackson135218022000-06-30
Barb Lechuga136293712000-06-30
Pat Moore137320342000-06-30
Lee Schiller138377392000-06-30
Paulie Mit NYC Train1391302992000-07-04
Grandma and Juliana Sottnik in the sun.140405422000-07-04
The Real McCoy, Parker that is141612441989-06-01
Paul Joseph's Lost Tooth142501572000-07-27
Joey and Tenderheart143181071985-10-01
Nicole and Babka147261260000-00-00
Joe, Joey & Nicole on Covered Wagon148441640000-00-00
Danielle Kharman & Babka149191460000-00-00
The Whole Family at Tomaskovic's House150549360000-00-00
Kindergarten Graduation151544480000-00-00
Andy Tomaskovic aka Old Fart152437000000-00-00
John near Atlantic City on ADT1531030452000-08-25
Lauren - Lunch at Red Robin154563662000-09-17
Frank Wolf157923592000-01-01
437 Madsion Avenue1581038761980-01-01
Family - in Jackson Heights159518390000-00-00
Peter's Baptism160405131963-06-01
Family 1959161474121959-10-01
Family at Tomaskovic's - Mid 70's?162376300000-00-00
Family at Raritan (Babka's Birthday)163493141959-09-20
At the Jakabek's Home 1166460800000-00-00
At the Jakabek's Home 2167312670000-00-00
At the Jakabek's Home 3168398080000-00-00
Doreen, Monika and Uncle Bill169400990000-00-00
Baby Paul170385781960-03-01
Fireman Paul171326811962-12-01
Joey 1st Communion 1172351781966-05-01
Joey 1st Communion 2173343871966-05-01
Joey - Kindergarten Graduation 1174312181988-05-01
Joey - Kindergarten Graduation 2175501891988-05-01
Babka and Baby Paul176361121960-02-01
Vacation in Canada177617270000-00-00
Dad and Mrs. Babjak at Debutante Ball178153320000-00-00
Museum of Natural History179246440000-00-00
Happy Birthday180300970000-00-00
Jackson Heights Kids181162300000-00-00
Joe's Second Grade Class182336361966-05-01
Lauren and Radar183348421988-06-01
Little Angel - Joey184189610000-00-00
Paul and Maypole Dance185335661965-06-01
Melody Trio186283900000-00-00
Paul's Birthday187278271965-01-12
Paul's Christening188209550000-00-00
Paul with Poppy Seeds (Mak)189257681960-12-20
Peter, Paul & Joey190137730000-00-00
Picking Apples in Raritan191474640000-00-00
Show at the Slovak Club192365440000-00-00
Joe & Judy Smak Wedding193520050000-00-00
Building a Snowman194192910000-00-00
U firmy Jozef Sottnik, Trnava1951074800000-00-00
At Joe & Brigitte's in NJ196376241982-01-01
Joey, Nicole & Lauren197558520000-00-00
Christmas Photo 1986198288721986-12-01
Joey, Nicole & Lauren199391151988-06-01
Joey, Nicole & Lauren200368261990-06-01
Sottnik Photo Studio 1201247471957-10-01
Sottnik Photo Studio 2202245431957-10-01
Joe & Paul with Tricycle203362601962-06-01
Christmas at Home204308411968-12-24
Slovak Club Christmas205290191967-12-01
Business Card20680010000-00-00
437 Madison - Tony, Joe and Mazza on roof.207507950000-00-00
Cat Sottnik208106921943-01-01
Vesele Vianoce - about 1955 in Montreal209456640000-00-00
Good Friends - Othelia & Julia210304131952-01-01
Babes - Julia & Othelia211508171952-01-01
Joe at Niagra Falls212430301957-01-01
Paul's First Communion213316141967-05-01
Joey's Birthday214499271968-04-23
Joe, Julia and Paul at Astoria Park215481511962-07-01
William Balaz216197590000-00-00
William Balaz217232990000-00-00
Sottnik Boys at Park218475171967-05-01
Jozo Sottnik - Vesele Vianoce219486211955-12-01
Jozo Sottnik with ??? age ???220229141923-01-01
Happy Halloween221270501962-10-31
Party in Montreal222404881959-03-01
Joe Smak and ???223309601950-01-01
Julia Jakabek and ???224174201950-01-01
Julia and Babka225289161957-06-29
Paul, Cathy and John at Paul's house226335362000-08-12
Annie, Paul, Cathy and Julia at Paul's house227399552000-08-12
Playing Under Grandma's Counter2281504051989-08-01
Picking Apples2292639291989-09-01
Wedding Rehearsal?2302631281989-08-01
At the North Pole2311724541988-07-01
Nicole - counting?2321786911989-08-01
Brigitte playing pool2332098871988-08-01
Baby Lauren234835781987-12-20
Kids at Sequooia National Park235716311989-07-01
Kids at EPCOT China236816872000-10-25
At the Jakabek's House2371729082000-10-27
Julia 65th Birthday 12381317231995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 2239428021995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 3240347301995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 4241274561995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 5242318521995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 6243523061995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 7244293991995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 8245352611995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 9246275631995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 10247305591995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 11248332451995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 12249336291995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 13250362911995-01-22
Julia 65th Birthday 14251257261995-01-22
Anne Marie Russo - 5 months2521578761932-12-01
Francois and Laurette Russo2531094421930-01-01
Peter and Baby Joey2541121501984-08-01
Joey and Nicole at Echo Lake2551840261989-07-01
Brigitte and Nicole - Carmel Beach2561556871989-08-01
Joe and Mom257364932000-10-27
Tessie, Bill, Dorothy and Julia258430602000-10-27
Nicole and Grandma259360742000-10-27
At the Jakabek's House #22601983192000-10-27
Juliana's Christening261563691997-07-01
Juliana's Christening262495731997-07-01
Jennifer school photo2641243262000-10-01
Paul & Annie Wedding - The Men2651556911989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Church Steps2662738001989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Sottnik Family2672471131989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Uncle Andy w/Kids2682004581989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Dinner2691904451989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Jakabeks2701887161989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Cut the Cake2711743071989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Down the Aisle2721291931989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - The Mom2731267191989-08-29
Paul & Annie Wedding - Best Man?2741090891989-08-29
1989 Christmas Photo2752501651989-11-30
Juliana Christening276563691997-07-01
Juliana Christening277495731997-07-01
Paul & Annie Wedding - Agosto Family2783077721989-08-29
Grandma & Lauren Sottnik2792235171989-08-29
Sarah Bennick2802443802000-11-17
2000 Christmas Photo2813434222000-10-25
Bouchereau Christmas Photo 20002821873802000-12-01
Ortens Christmas Photo - 20002831415952000-12-01
On the Bus in NYC2842170801989-07-01
Kids - 1991?2852523141991-10-01
Joey 1991?286468621991-10-01
Joey - 1988?287272681988-10-01
Joey - 1990?289269921990-10-01
Joey - 1995?290456731995-10-01
Kids - 1989, Vacation at Disneyland291610531990-08-01
Piano Man - Paul, solarized292296101980-01-01
Mechanical Engineers, Cooper Union2932031601978-05-01
John - 4th Grade Class2942621141975-04-01
Prof Bowman's Humanities Class2952263441975-10-01
Thanksgiving 19762962300431976-11-20
Prem & Asha Bandhari297376871980-01-01
How to Fry a Turkey - 12982207172000-12-25
How to Fry a Turkey - 22992036752000-12-25
How to Fry a Turkey - 33002034822000-12-25
Nicole at Disney3021217341988-06-01
Tom Farina with Kids3041838701988-07-01
Kids at Cocoa Beach, Florida3082348802000-10-27
Nicole and Grandma3091677091989-07-01
Joey at Sequoia National Park3101926181988-07-01
Joey & Nicole Skiing311388641994-02-01
Lauren Skiing312197271994-02-01
South Pole - John Konen313966952000-12-29
South Pole Satellite Antenna & John Konen314864602000-12-31
South Pole - John Konen3151076642001-01-03
South Pole - John Konen316995332001-01-03
South Pole - John Konen3171191612001-01-03
Meaghan Gallagher & Friends3181217071999-10-30
South Pole - Entrance to Dome3191002482001-01-04
South Pole - Dome Passage3201467132001-01-04
South Pole - Inside Dome321668612001-01-04
South Pole322954392001-01-04
South Pole3231060462001-01-04
South Pole3241162282001-01-04
South Pole3251162282001-01-04
South Pole326784872001-01-04
South Pole327831132001-01-04
South Pole3281162282001-01-04
Tommy & Michel Bouchereau - Xmas 2000329299542000-12-01
John fixing his VW Bug on 82nd Street330238621989-08-01
Harrison the Hairless Guinea Pig3311981092000-01-12
The Giant and Her Midget332326842001-01-01
Sarah and Sally Bennick333431442000-12-10
Kindal Kyle334420122000-12-15
Benick Family on Vacation in Arizona336457542000-12-06
Nicole Driving at North Pole, Colorado3371234881987-07-01
Sarah Bennick3382095422000-12-06
At Jones Beach3391706921989-08-29
At Jones Beach - Tower3401435341989-08-29
At Jones Beach - In the Surf3411857371989-08-29
At Jones Beach - Sand Castle3422250821989-08-29
1985 Christmas Photo343260151985-11-01
Mom in Kitchen - Christmas Eve 19713441648891971-12-24
Halloween 1990345350181990-10-30
Alex Rodriguez346289410000-00-00
Lauren's Brownie Troop347300571996-04-01
Party with Ihnat, Babjak, Sottnik, Smak and Gregus349257331956-04-01
Peter's Scamp Trailer350176322001-03-01
John and Monika at Praha House NYC351127911974-01-01
Another Vianoce in Jackson Heights352258621970-12-24
Tonka for John's second birthday353251131968-06-07
Hacklebarney State Park, New Jersey354230541968-07-01
Peter goes to Kindergarden school.355225031968-01-01
Nicole at Daughter to Work Day356277451996-04-25
John fishing in Mountaindale357244821980-08-01
Peter in Mountaindale359135411979-09-01
Mom and Pete at Hacklebarny?360177741963-08-01
Lauren and her Science Fair Experiment361424462001-03-04
Peter pauses for a refresher in Mountaindale3621002991982-09-01
Mel Benes at Pan Am JFK Airport363423761982-01-01
Peter graduates the 8th grade at OLF364274101978-06-01
Mel, Betty and Sister-inLaw cartoon365194661980-01-01
Paul's Birthday 19773672807521977-01-12
Paul's 17th Birthday3682837161977-01-12
John and Pete3691939591977-01-01
Peter and Paul, Paul's Birthday3712266061977-01-12
Paul's 17th - Lighting the Candles3722157131977-01-12
Reader's Digest373124931971-01-01
Paul and Pete Staab in Mountaindale374143921979-09-01
Johnny Bench?375149001974-08-01
The old homestead376197521978-10-01
Pete, Joe, John and Ter in basement377184181983-10-01
8th Grade Prom378349621980-06-01
John and Joe in Stocks circa Bill/Pat's wedding379217201979-08-01
Nik and Uncle John year???380191751990-08-01
Grandma with baby Joey in NJ381119911983-11-01
Grind those nuts! John and Dad upstairs kitchen.382139721979-09-01
Joe in Dad's chair38381261975-01-01
Joe is Space Trucking....384106351975-01-01
Mom dries laundry the old fashioned way385100591975-01-01
Mom in Joe/Paul's room386110061975-01-01
Pete working at 437 Madison Ave38784031979-09-01
Pete in alley with Wagoflex388160131975-01-01
Pete's birthday. Year???389188331980-05-30
Pete, Dad and John at Tomaskovic's390163041972-01-01
Pete and John in Joe/Paul's room391145751975-01-01
Pete as official photog for OLF392142791979-05-01
Rocky Byrnes393201721979-01-01
Halloween at Grandma's394362511986-10-31
John in Oldsmobile395187061972-06-01
Joe on Schuber's Boat396187931976-08-01
Joe Painting at 347 Madison397253201977-07-01
Joe Painting at 347 Madison398201841977-07-01
Three Musketeers - Joe, Lenny & Schuber399360581976-06-01
Joey - Christmas 1959400264601959-12-15
Joe's Birthday401503671979-04-23
Peter Coloring Easter Eggs402364911979-04-01
John Coloring Easter Eggs403364431979-04-01
Mom's Birthday404380551979-01-22
St. Patrick's Parade Denver 2001405414332001-03-17
Superstar - Lauren406563062001-02-24
Kid Barber407341341972-01-12
Joey and John (George Washington)408207581972-02-22
Digging Out409833052001-04-11
Digging Out410868312001-04-11
Cleaning up the Snow411918642001-04-11
Paul, Peter & John with Snowman412158651972-01-30
Paulie's First Holy Communion413259912001-04-29
Joey - Ready for Prom414423232001-05-05
Prom - Joey & Emma415190302001-05-05
Heading to Prom - Emma's House416343112001-05-05
Heading to Prom - Limo or Clown car?417359162001-05-05
Prom - Joey & Emma418290182001-05-05
Lauren in the Denver Post419485182001-03-31
Christian Wells - Christmas 2000420204522020-00-11
Babka and Danielle Kharman421287221974-12-01
Babka and Sottnik Kids422387901990-08-01
Babka and Nicole423375171990-08-01
Babka, Uncle Bill and Sottniks424367991990-08-01
Aunt Margie and Baby Joey as an Elf425258301984-12-25
Monika, Danielle and Kristin426641881974-12-25
Monika and Kitty427303741974-12-25
Opening Christmas Gifts428467461974-12-25
Anne Marie Russo - age 18429307321950-06-01
Serge at the TurnVerein430244381972-06-01
Lauren and Kookie432167172001-06-23
Joey and Slinky relaxing433125032001-05-25
Slinky begging434133132001-05-25
Another Kookie Picture436102992001-06-26
Paulie Racing in Prospect Park4372046322001-05-19
Juliana Racing in Prospect Park4381942582001-05-19
Joey and Melalina439251352001-08-19
Sottnik Garden 2001440613962001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Carrots in Clay441645572001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Red Petunias4421688962001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Zucchini443713372001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Lettuce, Radishes, Carrots and444576902001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Eggplant445682872001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Peppers and Carrots446596262001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Pickle Cukes447677602001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Tomatoes and Basil448847702001-09-03
Sottnik Garden 2001 Tomatoes449552422001-09-03
Holly visits Paul450549132001-09-02
Brigitte and Archie451521431977-06-01
Boys and Wall452357721977-06-01
John's First Holy Communion453423511974-05-01
Brigitte at LIU Gymnastics Meet454581131978-04-09
Honeymoon Ship - Vollendam455661291980-08-05
Christmas Eve -1973456385741973-12-24
Heading to Prom457369721974-06-14
Christmas Eve 1975458273421975-12-24
Christmas 1975459334822001-11-24
Lauren with her Fingers460307211988-08-01
Christmas 2001461591262001-12-09
Jules Yules462482292001-12-03
Paul and Juliana in Chair463493962001-12-01
Dinner at Galleria, LI465476802001-10-13
Jenny Doughnut Shop4662184562001-12-20
Race car drivers4672215962001-12-20
Tulsa to Denver by VW Fox468648152001-12-20
Babka and Jenny469887952001-12-21
Emeril Joe the Chef470781812001-12-22
Joey Celebrating Christmas 2001471541112001-12-25
2001 Christmas Tree472556432001-12-25
Stu Celebrating Christmas473573312001-12-25
Lauren - a Christmas Gift474312842001-12-25
Slinky - Cake Thief475590092001-12-27
Jenny and Dad / Christmas 20014761016392001-12-27
Scene from below Paul's tree4772044512001-12-20
Scene from below Paul's tree478718482001-12-20
Uncle John and Sponge Bob479420522001-12-24
Big Blue - Pete's Suburban485458502002-01-06
Big Blue - Pete's Suburban486757842002-01-06
Joe and Joey - Ghandi's Restaurant487514122002-01-09
Ready to Head to College488703082002-01-12
Heading to College - Road to Fort Collins489475072002-01-12
Arriving at the Dorm - CSU490651112002-01-12
Dorm at CSU, Ellis Hall491848972002-01-12
Joey's Dorm Room 1492496092002-01-12
Joey's Dorm Room 2493519412002-01-12
Ellis Hall Dorm - In the Hallway494545122002-01-12
CSU - Mobey Arena495434442002-01-12
CSU - Returning from Bookstore496509162002-01-12
Joey is Off to College497624532002-01-12
Room for the Kids498647032002-01-29
Just Laying Around- in the Hospital499712492002-02-17
McTeggart School of Irish Dance - Champions5004162822002-01-26
Ditzy Chicks501651922002-01-25
Lee Shobe502448672001-01-26
Brigitte and Kacey503454232002-01-26
Lauren - at New York Deli504495022001-12-28
Kids - out to lunch5051367472002-01-09
Girls Dancing at Dad's Office506734792002-03-15
Nikki Explaining Irish Dance507658012002-03-15
Kookie with Kat508464472002-02-17
Lauren & Tati Ogan509733262002-01-20
Brigitte & Jim Ogan510488492002-01-20
Nicole - National Honor Society Induction511542982002-04-17
At Buca De Beppo Restaurant512726552002-04-20
Nicole Gets Academic Letter514385202002-05-21
Nicole's Academic Awards Night515732232002-05-21
Lauren, Nicole Mrs. Carollo & Mrs. Lemieux516519512002-05-23
Lauren, Allie & Mrs. Carollo517481782002-05-23
Lauren, Allie & Sarah518609792002-05-23
Lauren & Principal Terry Killen519452732002-05-23
Lauren before she goes to her 8th grade dance.5206682462002-05-31
One more of Lauren before she leaves for the dance5219216542002-05-31
Lauren and Alex before the 8th grade dance. No, t522230072002-05-31
Nicole and Nate at Chuckie Cheese.523516072002-05-31
Mom & Aunt Tessie524549752002-06-02
East Coast Sottniks525525752002-06-01
Brothers (missing the Pete)526526252002-06-01
Lauren Sottnik & Allie Carle - Pikes Peak Feis527522532002-06-08
At Nicole Bouchereau's Softball Game528896322002-07-01
Lauren Gets First Place529703142002-07-27
Dad and Goofy5301612372002-07-31
Joey is Sucking Suds5311023402002-07-31
Lauren and Stella - Wild Women5321171992002-07-31
Navy Boys533639172002-09-20
Nicole & Pat - Homecoming534526642002-10-05
Nicole & Pat - Homecoming535483602002-10-05
How Many Women Does It Take To Pin On a Flower?536572762002-10-05
Lauren & Chris - Homecoming537509822002-10-05
Lauren & Chris - Homecoming538514302002-10-05
Regis Homecoming539745232002-10-30
Regis Homecoming540732292002-10-30
Regis Homecoming541861142002-10-30
Trick Or Treat542512482002-10-31
Bernie Bouchereau in Golden, CO543896322002-07-01
Kookie is Exercising544385712002-11-16
Nicole - Queen Colleen's Court in Parade5453368442003-03-15
Nicole - Queen Colleen's Court in Parade5463302842003-03-15
Lauren in St. Patrick's Day Parade5473769602003-03-15
Lauren in St. Patrick's Day Parade5485243712003-03-15
Kookie Heads Into the Snow Storm5494767802003-03-18
Lauren Digs In5504525342003-03-19
Cars are buried!!!5513969552003-03-19
Our New Church - Our Lady of Loreto5523825702003-04-20
Our New Church - Our Lady of Loreto5533232152003-04-20
Our New Church - Our Lady of Loreto5542443742003-04-20
St Patrick's Dat Snowstorm5556537532003-03-19
Peter After Navy Retirement556755302003-07-12
Amanda, Jj, Nicole before homecoming 20035594014802003-10-21
Girls before homecoming 20035606070532003-10-21
The three couples before homecoming 20035614625322003-10-21
The girls before homecoming 20035625168042003-10-21
More girls before homecoming 20035633796452003-10-21
Nikki and Jj before homecoming 20035643788202003-10-21
Nikki and Jj before homecoming 20035654512912003-10-21
John tailgating at a NY Giants game.5661274072003-11-09
Jenny - Christmas 2003567793462003-12-21
Annie and Juliana at Christmas Eve Diner in Lynbro5683395962003-12-24
Annie and John Christmas Eve in Lynbrook 20035693781972003-12-24
Paul's Farmingville Christmas Village with LGB tra5704583202003-12-25
Jingle Jules on Christmas Eve in Lynbrook 20035713577012003-12-24
Mom Julie and Aunt Tessie at Paul's house Christma5724440462003-12-25
Mom and John on Vianoce 20035733859162003-12-24
Big Paul enjoying Vianoce 20035743889960000-00-00
Paulie tinsel hair Vianoce 20035753971832003-12-24
Eating mushroom prune barley soup on Christmas Eve5764168552003-12-24
Who's Normal?5771091311970-07-01
Bill Jakabek and Grandaughter Kristin5781189101972-08-01
At the Queen Colleen Ball 20045793554262004-02-22
Hairs Away 25803059622004-02-22
Hairs Away 15813791982004-02-22
Cool Shades5823287812004-02-22
Fox- Our new Dog583528682004-02-29
Joey - Off to Med School Interview5852387272004-03-08
Tara, John and Juliana at dinner5884026152004-03-20
Nicole's Senior Prom 15924534362004-05-08
Nicole's Senior Prom 25932834852004-05-08
Nicole's Senior Prom 35945255442004-05-08
Got the diploma5953194992004-05-15
Happy Graduate5962738032004-05-15
Degree In Hand5974463082004-05-15
Congratulations Graduate5982359352004-05-15
Graduation Party 15993022252004-05-15
Graduation Party 26003019062004-05-15
Graduation Party 36012618862004-05-15
Graduation Party, Peter6025244032004-05-16
Graduation Party - Group Portrait6034086422004-05-15
Lauren's New Dress 16041931332004-05-24
Lauren's New Dress 26051869332004-05-24
John with Smallmouth Bass6072202302004-06-18
Joey's New Car6081068962004-08-04
Nikki's New Car6091079062004-08-04
Tara and John at a wedding61502004-11-13
Tara and John at a wedding61602004-11-13
Tara and John at a wedding617986602004-11-13
Pete, Blaine and Susan6183937922004-12-20
Nicole and Anthony at the zoo61902004-12-18
michael cammarota62102005-04-10
cammarota michael62202005-04-10
Gopalan, Mohan Khushalani, and Tony Yuen6235242711981-12-20
Linda Leonardis - Ebasco Lyndhurst NJ6241446311981-12-20
Bob Speranza with Mouthful of Cake - Ebasco - Lynd62501981-12-20
Bob Speranza w/ Cake - Ebasco - Lyndhurst6261147301981-12-20
Bob Speranza in a Serious Moment6273328841981-12-20
Mike Cuocolo and Brigitte in Russ Perine's Backyar6281498050000-00-00
Brigitte with Gary Wang's Son6291400280000-00-00
Gary Wang and Dick Haeckler6302094460000-00-00
Stacey C. 20056312837942005-05-06
Amanda at 156333268142005-05-06
House in River Vale6346769862005-05-06
Jeff - CN Tower Toronto in 20006351296182005-05-06
Heavy Jeff w/Hal in 2004 - needs Irish dancing!6362629542005-05-06
Amanda at 9 y.o. being kissed to death by dogs6372919062005-05-06
Sheba - Dog6382331662005-05-06
Stripe - Dog6392597362005-05-06
Stacey C. in 19866401119760000-00-00
Amanda at 14 y.o. -"not another picture!"6414461282005-05-06
House - River Vale 26426710152005-05-06
Russ Perine and Linda Leonardis - Ebasco Lyndhurst643692011981-12-20
Joey,Lauren,Nicole in Oklahoma City Sep20056455587142005-09-25
Lauren,Nicole,Joey in OKC Bass Pro Shop6465692002005-11-11
Family Photo Thanksgiving 20056475438412005-11-27
Sparky and Lauren6486746822005-12-25
The Dogs6492962722005-12-25
Sparky Sottnik6506073202005-12-25
Joey Eating Mussels6535241912006-02-21
Joseph Mendola with his Children6546093622005-07-04
Jennifer in Subway Station NYC65502005-07-04
John's Wedding Pre Dinner6565643532006-04-07

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